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What’s in this class?
Human Performance in the Control Room:  A practical guide for "getting it right" This class will look at three functions in the Control room and how Human Performance tools can be applied
System Protection for Plant and System Operators:  Why generators trip and happens.  Putting Generating plant personnel and System Operators together for maximum understanding of Generation impact
Voltage Stability: A look at voltage control beyond just managing voltage control devices.   The four rules of voltage control
Balancing, Interchange, Market and the Grid More than just matching load with resources in Real Time Differentiating between Balancing and Load Following and applying the concepts to how companies meet their customer load and operate the grid
Simulation of Grid Concepts:  Reviewing fundamental principles of running the Grid This class is good for brushing up on concepts not always used on the job.

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Balancing, Interchange, Markets and the Grid

With the changing landscape of generation on the Interconnection, this class will look at how these changes affect how we perform our job.  We will look at the concepts of Balancing and Load Following and dissect how they differ and why these two related functions work together to keep the lights on.


Simulated Grid Concepts

This class is a revision of the popular Hands-on Grid Concepts class and is applicable for dispatchers of all levels of experience.    We will focus on sharpening skills and reinforcing fundamentals of dispatching topics that we may not use on a daily basis in our job.  This class touches on most of the topics we learned when studying for the NERC exam.  As with all GTS classes, every lecture segment is followed up with a simulation segment to reinforce the topic. 


2020 RMTAC

Annual Emergency Operations Training-RMTAC
Grid Training Solutions is pleased to be providing sixteen hours of training/simulation to support the 2020 RMTAC annual training seminar. 


Switching Principles for System Operators

This class provides students with the basic principles of switching high voltage and distribution equipment in and out of service under normal and abnormal conditions. Topics include: equipment types and capabilities, relaying issues related to switching operations, switching with various bus configurations, safety and potential hazards associated with switching, and communication between the System Operator and Switchman. Students will also be given hands on exercises to complete with hands-on simulators to reinforce the concepts presented in the class.