2020 System Protection for Plant and System Operators

This two-day course is designed to meet the requirements of the new PER-006 Standard as well as provide plant operators insight into the affects a generator can have on the BES, as well as the affects the BES can have on the generators.

Day 1 will begin by looking at the relays that can affect the output of the generator – specifically trip the generator, and the associated equipment that enables the relays to work.

Next we will look at the governor system of the generator – how frequency, frequency bias, governor droop, governor response all contribute to the overall BES function of Balancing. We will use simulation to reinforce how the loss of generator output will affect frequency as well as other generators.

Day 2 we will expand our look at Protection Systems that affect the output of a generator including RAS and transfer trip schemes. We will then look at how the excitation system of the generator plays an important role in voltage control on the transmission system. We will also investigate voltage stability and system stability and how that relates to the D-curve on the generator and show the importance of the AVR remaining in automatic as much as possible.

Last we will spend the last half of Day 2 talking about Emergency operation – specifically a Restoration drill. We will explore the importance of generators in a restoration activity as both a Blackstart resource and/or a generator helping to stabilize the system.

We strongly recommend that both BES System Operators and Plant Operators attend this class together.  While the standard does not require this training to be system specific, each plant operator will be given a worksheet to complete on their specific facility.

Each Student receives 16 CEH (EOPS 8, Simulation 12, Standards 16, Professional Related 0)
$700.00 per student