Balancing, Interchange, Markets and the Grid

With the changing landscape of generation on the Interconnection, this class will look at how these changes affect how we perform our job.  We will look at the concepts of Balancing and Load Following and dissect how they differ and why these two related functions work together to keep the lights on.

The class will also look at the integral role purchases from our neighbors and internal generators play in resource plans and how system conditions on the grid can change the plans.  We will look at the use of e-tags to "track flow" from neighbors in, out or through a Balancing Authority and the impact to the grid. The markets play in increasing role in managing grid conditions so we will explore how the market has change the role of the System Operator and how the market is used and sometimes by-passed to keep grid conditions under control including the use of reserves to recover from the loss of resources. 

This class covers how grid operations continue to change as Markets take a greater role, how renewable resources are impacting how the grid is run and how the role of both the resource planner and the system operator is evolving.  Lots of discussion is generated in this class and we will use a simulator to reinforce the concepts presented in the class. 

 (This class was formerly called "Balancing and Interchange")


Each Student receives 24 CEH (EOPS 8, Simulation 16, Standards 24, Professional Related 24)
$850.00 per student