Hands-on Simulation of Grid Concepts

This course covers basic system operations.  It is intended to help people who have been studying for the NERC test and are ready to take it or have taken the test but do not have much experience... OR, due to the nature of the shop you work in, you want more exposure to how the grid operates. 

The four day class is broken up into four parts. Day one begins with a brief overview of the transmission system (how to read the system, performing system assessments, how the system works (relays and switching) and generation) followed by an examination of the concept of balancing.Day two begins with a look at the transmission system (what can affect line flows and how line limits are calculated and used) followed by an analysis of the interchange (schedules, e-tags, types of energy, etc.). Day three is devoted to voltage control. Students study the various devices, how they work and the importance of controlling the voltage. During Day four, students practice resolving transmission line overloads using re-dispatch, by shedding load and by re-configuring the transmission system. Students practice the skills they’ve learned throughout the week to recover from system events and to resolve system issues.

Each Student receives 32 CEH (EOPS 8, Simulation 24, Standards 12, Professional Related 32)
$1,100.00 per student