Simulated Grid Concepts

This class is a revision of the popular Hands-on Grid Concepts class and is applicable for dispatchers of all levels of experience.    We will focus on sharpening skills and reinforcing fundamentals of dispatching topics that we may not use on a daily basis in our job.  This class touches on most of the topics we learned when studying for the NERC exam.  As with all GTS classes, every lecture segment is followed up with a simulation segment to reinforce the topic. 

The following is the agenda for this class:

Day 1:

  • Review of Grid Components
  • Performing System Assessments (New TOP-001 standard)
  • Print/flow reading skills
  • Operating the system
  • Limits (SOL/IROL)
  • Resolving transmission overloads

Day 2: 


  • Balancing/load following
  • Generator operations/changing generation landscape/challenges
  • Market Operations


Day 3:

  • Voltage Control
  • Reserves
  • Relays

Each Student receives 24 CEH (EOPS 16, Simulation 16, Standards 24, Professional Related 24)
$850.00 per student