WECC-Voltage Stability

Managing voltage on the Bulk Electric System is one of the most important task a system operator has to do. 

This class is offered by WECC. For registration, cost and location go to WECC's training website.  

The ramifications for “losing” control can be the loss of your entire system and possibly your neighbors!  This three day class will focus on how to recognize, avoid, and in worst case, recover from these failures. This class will start with the basics of voltage control, the devices available for voltage control and their strengths and weaknesses. Students will then learn to recognize the signs of voltage instability and are taught the tools necessary to avoid a total system loss as the result of voltage collapse.  This is a must have class for any system operator

Each Student receives 24 CEH (EOPS 16, Simulation 11, Standards 20, Professional Related 24)
$0.00 per student