Operating within Limits

As the use of the Bulk Electric System (BES) continues to grow, and the infrastructure is slow to be upgraded, operating within the operating limits (IROL/SOL) can become a challenge.

In this class we will look at operating the BES within safe, acceptable operating limits.  We will define what safe and acceptable is, and how the limits are set and what are the factors affecting the limits.  We will also look at the various types of limits.  Students will then use the generic simulator to fix various types of overloads on different types of equipment such as lines and transformers.    A third day was added to this class to include how situational awareness plays into how an operator reacts to contingencies and the importance of using a contingency analysis tool.  Students will use the simulator to analyze various scenarios and determine appropriate actions plans to minimize or eliminate overloads on the system.  

Class Topics:

1)      Definition of the three types of operating limits:

  • Thermal
  • Voltage
  • Angular

2)      Protecting for each type of limit

3)      Explore exceedances and violation of each limit

4)      Practice resolving each type of limit using a generic simulator

5)      Assess how pre and post-mitigation measures can be utilized

6)       Enhance operator skills such as system assessment, reviewing and providing “turn-over notes” and logging

Each Student receives 24 CEH (EOPS 20, Simulation 16, Standards 16, Professional Related 16)
$850.00 per student