Emergency Operations 2017

This workshop provides the 16 hours of emergency operations hours to reinforce skills needed in the evernt of a system emergency.  

Day 1 will focus on the new emergency standards, system assessment, communication and using the RC’s emergency plan.    Activities/Simulation will include system assessment skills using the simulator, communication/reporting under various real-life scenarios, one-line reading skill builder with a system condition reporting required, and a storm scenario that requires continuous re-assessment and communication as system conditions change throughout the exercise.  

Day 2 will be focused on a black start scenario.  Before going into the scenario, the topics will include safety of the people in the field, reinforce what field/plant personnel are doing, what are they expecting from System Operations, what are we in system Ops needing/expecting, etc.  

Using a simulator, students spend the majority of their classroom time performing hands-on simulations of realistic grid scenarios. 

Each Student receives 16 CEH (EOPS 16, Simulation 12, Standards 16, Professional Related 16)
$700.00 per student