The Grid and The Market

The Grid and The Market:  How the electric grid is run using the market.  With the planned expansion of the CAISO market, many operators need to have a better understanding how the market works and how it really runs the grid. 

This class will provide a look at the market – from a GRID OPERATIONS perspective.  This is NOT a market class; it is a grid class.  We will use a simulator to show how the grid will operate using the market for the following topics: 

  • Balancing – how are load and resources balanced and what determines which resources run
  • Reserves – which ones are procured, how many and how they are utilized
  • Resolving Transmission Issues – how does the market solve line overloads
  • Voltage Control – why this is NOT in the market

If you are currently in the CAISO footprint,  in the anticipated expansion footprint, are a neighbor to the CAISO, or just want to know more, this is the class for you. 

Each Student receives 16 CEH (EOPS 8, Simulation 12, Standards 8, Professional Related 16)
$700.00 per student